About the museum 

The South Tyrolean Folklore Museum in Dietenheim forms part of the South Tyrolean regional museums.

The Museum of Hunting and Fishing in Wolfsthurn Castle in Mareit and the Wine Museum in Kaltern also belong to the South Tyrolean Folklore Museum.

History & concept

The Folklore Museum was created in 1976 and opened in 1980 and is thus the oldest regional museum in South Tyrol. Between 1977 and 1993 some two dozen old buildings were transferred to a site of over three hectares and in 1985 the baroque Mair am Hof residence with its associated farm building was integrated into the existing museum. In contrast to the moved and partially reconstructed buildings on the open-air site, the Mair am Hof residence is an open-air object in situ.

The South Tyrolean Folklore Museum is not an open-air or farm museum in the strict sense. The museum’s founder and director for many years, Dr. Hans Grießmair, pursued a social and historical course from the outset, showing the different lives, living conditions and economic situations of the landed gentry, farmers, smallholders and rural craftsman.

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