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The emphasis for special exhibitions is on individual themes, always with a strong local reference.

There is no special exhibition at the moment.


Special exhibitions archive

On this page you will find an overview of previous special exhibitions.

  • 2017/2018
    Ceramic tableware from the Pustertal

    from 26th May to 31st October 2017
    prolonged until 31st October 2018

    From the 18th to the 20th century the Pustertal was important for Tyrolean pottery because of the local clay deposits.
    The hand-manufactured ceramic tableware provides information about the regional food culture and about the changes in the working world and life forms in a peasant region.

  • 2015
    Farms without men: women’s everyday life in World War I

    from 23rd May to 31st October 2015

    In this special exhibition photographs, letters, personal mementos, interviews, etc. provided insights in what it meant for women on farms to cope with work and daily life only with the help of children, adolescents, elderly people, whilst the men were at war.

  • 2009
    Poverty and misery, relief and gratitude

    from 30 May to 31st October 2009

    The South Tyrolean Folklore Museum showed a selection of votive pictures from old Tyrol in the special exhibition for the commemorative year 2009, which conveyed impressions of the difficult everyday life and a time characterized by death, fear and worry.

  • 2008
    Mercury glass

    from 28th May to 31st October 2008

    The South Tyrolean Folklore Museum acquired a large collection of mercury glass in 2007, which was shown for the first time in this special exhibition.

  • 2007
    Socks, stockings, knee socks

    from 31st May to 31st October 2007

    The special exhibition "Socks, stockings, knee socks" took a cruise trough the history of sock fabrication in the past 100 years and did not exclude curiosities, idioms and anecdotes.

  • 2006
    Oh, Mary, help! 

    from 14th May to 31st October 2006

    The special exhibition in the Folklore Museum showed votive pictures that come from the Gissbach-Stöckl in St. Georgen near Bruneck.

  • 2006
    Closed and locked

    from 1st August to 31st October 2006

    The special exhibition was primarily about the cultural meaning of the key and lock, not the locking techniques. The displayed exhibits made it clear that the lock and key are not just interesting individual pieces, but forged works of art.

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